Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sundae fun

My mom recently celebrated a milestone birthday.  And by recently, I mean in March.  I'm trying to keep the party going, clearly. 

I was in charge of making dessert, which would seems like an easy task (I am a professional, after all), except my mom hates all desserts. Like, every dessert, and pretty much anything with sugar in it with the exception of Entemann's pecan coffee cake and Baby Ruth candy bars.  On a tip from my sister, I decided to make ice cream sundaes inspired by the one candy bar she does enjoy. 

I made a vanilla ice cream (You can't see it in the photo, but for the little kids, I made funfetti ice cream by churning sprinkles into the regular vanilla.  I thought this was the most brilliant thing since the invention of sprinkles).

The base was a fudge brownie and then I put hot fudge, salted caramel, and candied peanuts on top.  Worried that it might be a bit too conceptual, I chopped up some actual Baby Ruth bars as garnish at the last minute. 

I'm horrified to admit that the whipped cream is Reddi-Whip from the can. Am I fired? I won't lie. I'd had way too much wine.  Getting out the mixer to whip actual cream just seemed like far too much effort.  The sundaes were a hit!

Side note: Am I the only person that thinks spelling it "sundae" looks ridiculous? Where did that come from anyway?  I prefer ice cream Sunday! This gives me an excuse to go to Dairy Queen at least once a week. 

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