Saturday, December 24, 2011

What do you get...

…when you put six little kids in one room with unlimited sprinkles and frosting?

IMG_2672 - Version 2

MAGIC.  December 23rd marks the 2nd annual Cookie Party that i host for my nieces and nephews. They get pizza and unlimited cookies and marshmallows, I get a migraine and a giant glass of vodka as a reward. KIDDING! They are very cute. Remind me not to have six kids, though.

We made a bajillion different kinds of holiday treats (decorated sugar cookies, peanut butter and jelly thumbprints, chocolate covered marshmallows, etc. etc.) but my favorite was by far the peppermint bark.  Or should I say "peppermint" bark.

Don't ask me how the Fruit Loops got on there.


When I was working at the chocolate shop last week, it was brought to my attention that I have a bit of a heavy hand with the sprinkles. Now I see. Clearly this runs in the family:

Woo-eee! Santa is in for some delicious treats this year. Am I the only kid that left Santa a ham sandwich and a beer on Christmas Eve? Probably. I bet he liked me the best though (if my amazing collection of Polly Pockets and My LIttle Ponies is any indication, he DEFINITELY liked me the best).

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