Monday, November 7, 2011

Parade of PInk.

Because of our four day weekend, we had a really short week last week. We managed to cram a lot of stuff into three days though - chocolate work and plated desserts.  I couldn't really think of a cohesive theme for last week, except that everything we made was very pink. Our buffet looked like a little girl's baby shower.

Unfortunately, the chocolate work was NOT very exciting - we made two kinds of molded bon bons (caramel and minty ganache), candied oranges dipped in chocolate, and some ganache logs. Meh. I was hoping for a crazy chocolate showpiece that would outdo my chocolate box from last year. Oh well.


C is for caramel. At least they are beautiful and shiny.


We did make a cool plated dessert - this is a passion fruit cremeaux with a red fruit coulis. It is wedged in between two cookies and topped with a frozen mascarpone mousse. It tastes amazing! I garnished with a few candied oranges and more coulis.


It is definitely difficult to eat, but it looks pretty good on a plate.

This next dessert is called La Valeta.  I have no idea why, actually. The ladyfinger base is almond dacquoise (which is a light cake), then it is filled with a raspberry mousse and topped with a creme chiboust dome.  I have an annoying suspicion that we'll have to make this for our final exam, and I simply detest making chiboust. DETEST!!!! The cream has so much gelatin in it that it smells like feet.


This is another plated dessert - a parfait glace flavored with cherry liquor.


Finally, we made another entremets that has a classical combination of flavors - it's called the St. Domingo. The base is a coconut cake covered with white chocolate. There's a white chocolate mousse throughout and a passion fruit flavoring in the middle. The entire thing is glazed in a white chocolate glaze.


We had the chance to use some fancy luster dust to decorate.  I went with blue and gold, but also added some red fruit because i thought it looked a bit naked. I think this one turned out pretty well! I'm definitely a fan of simpler decor on entremets, because a  lot of the more elaborate garnish look pretty garish and don't taste great.

Those are the big products that we made last week. This week, we're working on a sugar showpiece, so I should have some either exciting or horrifying photos to show you in a few days!


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