Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where've I been?


Pardon the interruption.  I was SUR LA PLAGE!!! That means at the beach for all of you non-French readers. (So… all of you).


Some friends and I took a nice weekend jaunt to Cassis in the south of France. I stuffed myself full of moules frites, kir royales, and gelato while vegging out on the beach and doing absolutely nothing for two days. Actually, that's false. I did not do nothing.  I went on a (very) scenic boat tour and buy a (fake) gold necklace that says "Alice".  I have wanted a necklace like that since I've been twelve years old so I feel like I have achieved a major life goal. In short, it was a super delicious and super relaxing weekend.

Also, a waiter with teeth that looked like licorice chicklets wrote his phone number on my bill. STILL GOT IT! Actually, I think he was just impressed with the quantity of moules and kronenburgs that I shoveled in my face.


Crap ton of mussles, resting in peace in my belly.

Despite the fact that it's mid-October, it was pretty warm at the beach. There were plenty of topless old ladies bronzing themselves. I myself kept it classy and sat on the beach sipping espresso, fully clothed.

Though I have been MIA for a few days, you didn't miss much in terms of class - last week was sort of a weird week. After our entremets practice on Monday, we had French class on Tuesday and then a field trip on Wednesday (not paste factory…. no photos allowed!). Thursday and Friday we started working on tarts. They are pretty intricate, so we've only finished one so far.


Pear Tart with almond cream. Mine turned out meh… the pears were over-poached so they were insanely hard to work with.  On to more tarts tomorrow!


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