Sunday, October 9, 2011

Famous people everywhere

So when the ENSP (my school here in France) was originally founded, it was designed to be a school for chefs taught by chefs, meaning that professionals would come here to perfect their craft and learn new skills. Today the school also teaches normal students, but they still have  some pretty famous chefs coming in every week to work and practice.

Last week, there were several MOFs running around. I'm not sure if you all have heard of MOFs (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France) before, but it's a darn big deal. It's pretty much the highest title you can receive as a chef or a pastry chef. I'm not sure what's required to be chosen as a culinary MOF, but hearing about the competition for the pastry MOFs gave me nightmares for a week.  There's actually a really cool documentary called Kings of Pastry that follows a few chefs as they prepare for the MOF competition. I believe you can stream it instantly on Netflix - definitely watch it.

Anyway, so it's pretty crazy to be making pastries next door to an MOF. By the way, people say that like "Muff," not spelling out the letters. It's pretty funny.

IMG_2874 - Version 2

A MOF made these chocolates. One of them had a pumpkin pie flavored ganache. It. Was. Amazing.  The only one that I didn't like was rose flavored, but my chef instructor loved it. I just can't get into desserts that taste like flowers.  Yum.

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