Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pulled Pork Pizza

Geez louise… it's been a dessert free life around here. Mostly because I've been busy wrapping up work, so there's no time to bake. Most of my cooking has been actual meals.

I did make some killer pizzas last night. Pizza in our house is like garbage night - a good excuse to use up leftovers. Since throwing away food gives me panic attack (no seriously, it's becoming an issue. I almost cried when I had to clean out my apartment refrigerator to move out. I WAS going to eat those frozen strawberries from a year and a half ago, I swear!!!), this is my go-to dinner. Plus, spinning pizza dough. Duh. My favorite.

Last night I did a whole wheat crust (2/3 bread flour, 1/3 whole wheat is my favorite ratio).  The first pizza had a barbecue sauce base, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, fresh corn kernels, pickled red onion, and pulled pork. When it came out of the oven, I garnished it with cilantro.

This might sound like a weird combination, but it was pretty tasty. My dinner companions (two dudes) went crazy for this. Here in North Carolina, people eat pulled pork on practically anything.  Eggs? Pimento cheese fries? Sure.  Well, apparently NC knows what's up. BBQ on pizza is no joke.


The second pizza is my personal favorite combination and the one that I make all the time. A garlic and oil base, mozzarella, figs, prosciuitto, and arugula. Slightly more sophisticated and kind of healthy, right? LIke a salad pizza? I feel very classy eating this.

Get in my belly! Also, if you are wondering why I make square pizzas instead of round pizzas, it's because I bake them on the back of sheet pans (which are rectangular).  The pizza stone recently cracked in half due to overuse at extreme oven temps (for real), and sheet pans are the next best thing. Pizza stones are expensive, yo! Just wait until I build a brick oven in the backyard. Then things will get serious.

And yes, in case you were wondering, those two huge pizzas were for three people. Stop judging. We had (a few) leftovers.  On that note, maybe I'll have just one more slice...

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