Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yes, I’m 13 years old

Last week, chef began collecting huge cake boxes filled with bread, writing “donation for movie” on them, and sending them down to the store room.  I didn’t think much of it as I was lugging boxes down to the basement. We donate tons of food to all sorts of random people and events all the time.

Now, I realize this may damage my street cred, but I’ve read quite a bit of young adult literature lately.  Before I moved down here, I was in an amazing book club, and we inadvertently picked books that were written for children probably 1/3 of the time.

What of it? I have a short attention span. Anyway, the recent young-adult-fiction-to-beat-all-young-adult-fiction is The Hunger Games trilogy. Starting in 2012, the books will be released as feature films.

Wouldn’t you know, one of the studly main characters in The Hunger Games is a bread baker? And, wouldn’t you also know that they are filming the movie merely ONE HOUR FROM CHARLOTTE!?

I may or may not be halfway through my third reading of the book. I can’t help it. My friend was borrowing it last weekend and left it on my coffee table.

When I found out our bread was going to be in (the background of)the movie, I literally started shrieking like a tween. This would have been embarrassing, except that PEETA MELLARK OF THE HUNGER GAMES IS GOING TO PRETEND HE MADE OUR BREAD!!! Oh snap.

If my grandest brush with fame is supplying a minor prop to a movie geared at teenagers, I will consider my baking career a success!


PS Get excited. Tomorrow I’m making a bread sculpture. Here’s a sneak preview: 


Can you guess what’s in the barrel? Ha.

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  1. The literary masterpieces known as The Hunger Games Trilogy can only be matched by the baking masterpieces known as your bread.