Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rocky Start…

Things you don’t want to discover on the first day of school:

  • You accidentally left a lemon in your knife kit over spring break. Said lemon has morphed into a half liquid, half powder disaster.
  • Lemon mold powder may or may not be lodged in your nose. You may or may not be hallucinating the lingering scent of moldy lemons.
  • You blew a fuse on the 20 qt mixer.
  • Somehow, someone mysteriously forgot to put sugar in your cake.
  • You dipped your elbow in a giant pot of chocolate ganache.
  • There is class on Friday to make up for Monday… and you just scheduled time to complete a huge project for work.
  • Your new afternoon academic class requires tweeting your homework. This means that your teacher will be privy to your tweets. Anyone who follows me (@alicecpn) will know that some serious vocabulary adjustment lies ahead.

Aside from all of those small bumps in the road, school today was good. My current class (Entremets and Petit Gateaux) is making multi-layered cakes with a lot of different flavors and textures. Today we did all prep work, so no great pictures to show you.

Since flavor and texture combinations are a huge part of this class, I’ve been brainstorming some of my favorite ones to try and use for class. I ate a Samoa girl scout cookie today and was digging the chocolate, caramel, coconut combination.

Peanut butter, nutella, banana? Chocolate, Cherry, Brandy, and Almond? Or maybe Snickers inspired – peanut, chocolate, caramel, marshmallow?

What are some of your favorite flavor combinations? I need inspiration! Leave a note in the comments and maybe I’ll whip up your concoction in class!

Now I must get to bed… somebody needs to get to class 30 minutes early to remake our cake!


  1. Fav combos include chocolate/almond on the sweet side and rosemary/cheddar on the savory side.

    Love the blog!
    -Lily (Laura's friend from CapIQ)

  2. @Lily

    Lily! I love your blog. I'm going to post about it soon, if that's ok with you. Ppl are dying for a bread blog.