Monday, March 14, 2011

A celebrity in our midst!

Today was slightly distracting:


The Cooking Channel is doing some show about culinary students and profiling a guy from my class. So… yeah. They walked around the classroom with cameras and booms all day.

Despite my best “This is me getting CHOCOLATE from the CABINET!” jazz hands, I don’t think that I made it on film. Clearly I don’t have the charisma for zeee theaaaatahh… so much for becoming a contestant on Top Chef.

Today we made baumkuchen, a German cake with a million layers. It means “tree cake” because the layers look like rings on a tree.

IMG_1204The inside of my cake was filled  with an orange yogurt cream, mandarin oranges, and blueberries . Sadly, the place where chef cut into the cake was totally barren of fruit. GAH! 


I did a repeat of these chocolate discs because I think they are so snazzy. Oh, and PS…. those tiny circles garnishing my cake? They’re mini apricot shortbread sandwich cookies. The miniest of cookies. Smaller than a Keebler Elf could have made.


For some reason, that fruit design reminds me of something from Super Mario Bros. Koopa Trooper fruit garnish?

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