Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I owe you one.


Hold the phone. I got all excited about baking science and forgot that I needed to backtrack a few days.

What happened, see, is that after I finished my cakes practical, I went to a 3 hour meeting about my internship this fall and then came home and faceplanted in my bed. I may or may not have had buttercream caked onto my shirt and hair.

But ALICE! you are saying… How can you leave us hanging so? We persevered with you through your trials! Your tribulations! Your fear of decorative frosting flours!

You’re right. I’m a jerk. I’ll fill you in on all the details. Here’s how it went down:

For our practical, we made two cakes. The first we were required to decorate in ten minutes. That’s not a lot of minutes, people.  (The cake and icings were all made in advance).

My cake is an homage to my most delicious vice. No, not vodka. Mocha buttercream with chocolate covered espresso beans. 


Not my finest work, but considering my crazy time limit and my shaky hands (I guess I have the coffee addiction to thank for that one), it came out ok.

We then had 2.5 hours to complete our MASTERPIECE (ha. ha.): the Happy Birthday cake. Covered in roses, chocolate happy birthday on top.

Not too shabby! Please ignore the pistachio buttercream clashing with the green vines. We just used up whatever cakes and frostings were in the cooler.


I may not have been VIP of cakes class, but I think it’s safe to say that I was “Most Improved”.  Although… this is a pretty easy distinction to earn considering my starting point (eek).

The irony: after I woke up from my disturbed slumber on Friday afternoon, I had the strangest urge to make a cake… and I did just that.

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