Monday, December 20, 2010

Smiley Cake Invasion! (!!!)

So Indrina and I were doing some Christmas shopping at the Chelsea market on Saturday and I stumbled upon these sugar cookies with royal icing:
If these cookies don't seem suspiciously familiar to you, please refer to this post and take a look at the last picture.
"WOW!" I thought to myself. "Great minds really do think alike!"
Then I took a look at the price sticker:

In case you can't see that clearly, it's $48.50!!!!!!!!!!!! As in, $1.50 short of fifty bucks. For nine cookies. I almost snorted my $5 latte all over the bakery. And then I realized that if I made and sold nine sadcakes, I could buy ALMOST TEN LATTES with the cash!

I'm still in shock... and I'm investing in some sugar cookie supplies to hone my decorating skills, pronto.

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