Thursday, October 14, 2010

Public Service Announcement.

There's this store a few blocks from my office in NY that sells macaroons for, oh, $3 bucks a pop or something.

After making them today, I'm here to tell you that you're getting ripped off. Alternately, I suggest that you learn how to make this, open a cart across the street from that place, and charge $2.75 for them.

They are incredibly easy to make (but one wrong move will totally ruin them). As long as you have an oven and an attention span longer than a gnat, you should be ok.

They look pretty tasty, right? Naturally, mine are filled with raspberry filling, because it's my favorite.


  1. These looks great. Macaroons areGPN's favorite cookie and if you add the raspberry it will be my new favorite. MOM

  2. Why didn't you learn to do this last week so I could have had some with my cherry pie over the weekend
    BTW I gained 8 lbs when you were here

  3. Um - will you make me some chocolate macaroons? k? thanks!

  4. I want cherry and chocolate ones...and regular ones tooo...

  5. I bet I can arrange a chocolate macaroon delivery for this weekend ;)