Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cookie Bonanza

Quick post tonight. I just got back from music trivia night and have to hit the hay. My team did NOT win, but I will be practicing from now until next week to ensure future dominations. (PS I'm taking suggestions for a new team name... today we went with team "No Thank You," which leaves a little something to be desired.)

Today I managed to become covered in chocolate ganache from shoulder to shoulder (literally). This is what happens when I try to carry 20 quarts of ganache across the room. Sigh. I looked like I had tried (and failed) to shimmy under a very dirty limbo pole.

I also lost approximately 20% of my arm hair to a battle with a giant bucket of glucose. I'm sure nobody has actually used glucose in real life, but it is incredibly sticky and disgusting. I'd avoid it at all costs, unless you happen to be making marzipan, like I was. It reminds me of the goop that Slimer from Ghostbusters emits (leaks out? squirts? I'm not sure what the right verb is there.)
Behold, the delicious array of sweets that I made today:

On the platter are brownies (brown), financiers filled with apricot (the little squares), raspberry diamonds (use context clues for that one), Madelines (the big shell-shaped cookies), and white chocolate dipped biscotti. We actually make about 10x this much, but we have to artfully arrange them on tiles (PS: those tiles weigh about 10 pounds) to serve them in the dining room.

I love a good doily, don't you?

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