Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pie spelled backwards is EIP!

Pies are heavy and that is no lie. Right now, I can't lift my arms over my head because I've been lifting sheetpans filled with pies all day. As one of the tallest people in class (there aren't a lot of dudes studying baking and pastry, despite what the Top Chef dessert show might lead you to believe), I am often asked to retrieve pies from the top oven, which is slightly above my eye level. I haven't ended up under a pile of cinnamon apples yet. Emphasis on the yet.
To celebrate the upcoming pieless weekend, I got a manicure and pedicure after class! Actually, the real reason I got a manicure is that I needed professional assistance to extricate the hardened chocolate from underneath my fingernails. Disgusting but true.
I have to get up at 5:57 to register for my winter classes, so I will leave you with a picture of some of the pies I made today.

Above: Blueberry Lattice pie pre-baking.

Above: Blueberry lattice pie post-baking.
As you can see, some bozo knocked part of my crust off. Just kidding. It was me.

Above; Ginger Peach pie.
I was supposed to decorate it with a fall theme, hence the leaves.


  1. What is it that they say
    a picture is worth a thousand words
    I am still waiting for the cherry pie

  2. Your pies are AMAZING. The leaves are very authentic, better than your hearts.

  3. Yeah, look at those leaves! I find it hard to believe that the other students' shape-cutting skills are really better than yours. :)