Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four things I'll be buying in bulk this weekend.

  1. Band Aids. I didn't notice it at the time, but apparently I was slowly chopping my fingers off during lab today...? Once I got home and was carefree-ly squeezing lemon into my 8th Diet Coke, I noticed that my fingers looked as if they had been attacked by tiny mice with razor teeth. That lemon felt...great.

  2. Spray Starch. I'm not really sure how much to use on the dang chef coat, but I'm pretty sure my can's going to be gone by the end of the week. I'm cringing as I have flashbacks of permanent starch-related bicep rashes in fourth grade (my mom really enjoys ironing). Yeeks.

  3. Chocolate chips. Because I can write my name in chocolate now :I hope to write this all over the city like some sort of confectionary Zorro. Sneak into people's houses, eat all their cookies, and sign my name on the empty plate. muahaHA!
  4. A Costco-sized bottle of vodka to celebrate my great success on my first test (which was, by the way, the second day of class). To say that I overprepared would be the understatement of the century (I say, as I hide my flash cards under the couch cushion). Considering I've taken to mistaking my fingertips for carrots, I'm thinking I should aim to get 100s on every test to balance the F I'll be getting in knife skills.

No fun pictures today. We started making carrot cakes but won't bake them until tomorrow. We ate giant plates of mashed potatoes for breakfast (my diligent chopping is not for naught!) out of the most terrifyingly massive bowl of mashed potatoes I've ever seen. The potato masher is the size of my leg. I think mashed carrots are on the menu tomorrow... eew.

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  1. I bet the carrot cake will not be as good as heather...I will also tell you my lemon cutting story from when I worked with paul