Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Be mine.


How awesome are the "conversations" on conversation hearts? Last year I bought my husband a little box of "scandalous" conversation hearts for V-day. Let me tell you, if those were scandalous, I should probably go to prison immediately because my standards of scandal are extremely skewed (I guess I have Olivia Pope to thank for that).  The hearts above are the regular ones, but their sentiment is tepid at best. If my valentine ever tried to seduce me by whispering "LOL" or "BFF" into my ear, I'd probably shove him through a window. BFF???? Isn't that the opposite of what you want to hear on Valentine's Day?? 

Anyhow, I've been dying to make this cake for months since I saw it on Pinterest (inspired by gimmie some oven).  As much as I detest the chalky taste of conversation hearts, I thought the idea was stinking adorable! 



I mean, that is pretty awesome, right? It was oddly therapeutic to put all of those hearts on there. It reminded me of my childhood days playing with legos. 

The inside of the cake was almond pound cake with blackberry frosting. The hearts became grossly soggy after sitting on the cake for awhile, but they were easy enough to toss off the outside of the cake before eating.  It was definitely a huge waste of conversation hearts, but if my target is any indication, there is definitely no convo heart shortage happening this year. 


So Valentine's week has been CRAY, you guys --  mostly because of my newest nemesis, winter storm Pax.  I'm currently cozied up in my bed listening to giant ice pellets slam on my roof. NC is getting hit by one of the worst winter storms in a decade, and of course it's the week of a) Valentine's Day and b) my sister-in-law's wedding in New Orleans, for which I'm relying on safe airport transportation, which is currently nonexistent. Le sigh. At least I can wallow at my plight, curl up on my couch, and read the Divergent books. Ok, who am I kidding… RE-read the Divergent books. 

Luckily - or perhaps more accurately, due to my obsession with - I saw Pax coming and shook my tail feather to get all of the VDay packages out two days early. I've gotten a lot of excited text, photos, and instagrams (KEEP THEM COMING - love it!) today with people's excitement over their early sugarboms. Better to get your valentine two days early than two days late, amiright? Then it just looks like your valentine forgot and frantically ordered tasty treats at the last minute. 


Look at these cute little sugar cookie bags! Who WOULDN'T be your if you gave him one of these? Barbie pink frosting certainly makes me swoon. Happy Valentine's Day to my super sweet readers!  Lots of xoxos coming your way from sugarbomb!

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