Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 Wrap-up

Christmas Cookies

2013 definitely went out with a bang! I felt like a crazy person for the last month of the year, but I had a great time and sugarbomb really made some good headway. In January, I will move into my commercial kitchen and start up my mail order business! (And local delivery in Charlotte).   Things have been in the works, and there's much more to come as I get my online shop up and running. 

Here are some sugarbomb highlights from December:

Best Cake

A reprise of the giant cookie cake. My brother in law's birthday is on Christmas Day, so we were inspired to make a giant cookie cake by this tub of miniature chocolate chip cookies that everyone was munching on all Christmas. 

Cookie Cake

Honestly, I just think these cookie cakes are so cool!  They give me a gigantic bellyache though. 

Cookie Cake 2

Cutest Cupcakes:

These vanilla-vanillas were for a 1-year-old birthday party. Aren't they cute as a button? 

Birthday Cupcakes

 I went a little Type-A with the sprinkles and applied them all individually with a toothpick.  I'm sure the 1 year old I made them for really appreciated that. 

Biggest Accomplishment:

Getting through the first holiday season in tact! I became BFFs with the UPS man (is there nothing that can't be accomplished with a few chocolate covered pretzels?), filed all the paperwork necessary to get sugarbomb up and running, and mentally prepared myself for the opening of my business! Way to go me. :)
Package1Here's a picture of some of the holiday gift boxes I sent out in december. 

Best Use of Leftovers/Mess-Ups

I turned some dry coconut cake into these Coconut Cake Truffles. I made them as you would a cake pop, using cream cheese icing. Then I froze them and dipped them in chocolate and they were party-ready! Crisis averted - I managed to recycle my overbaked cake and people were asking for the "recipe" of these treats! 

Cake Truffles

Best Non-Dessert Item (It's a TIE!):

Pretzels and Beer Cheese

PretzelsI had a weird hankering for soft pretzels, so I decided to make them for a cocktail potluck that I was attending. They wee AMAZING and puffy, but I have a new appreciation for Auntie Anne - it's pretty hard to get a perfectly shaped pretzel! Mine were fairly "rustic". Anything with beer cheese is amazing in my opinion, so these were just over the top. 


French Onion Soup turnovers

FOS Turnovers

These were out of control. For my last holiday party, I made raspberry and brie turnovers that were a big hit, so I wanted to try something similar. These puff pastry pockets were filled with caramelized onions doused in beef stock, a smear of whole grain mustard, and Gruyere cheese. They really tasted like a tiny French Onion Soup and they went like hotcakes at the holiday party! 

Best Party

While my annual holiday party did not disappoint, I have to say that the best party of the season was not thrown by me.  Some friends threw me a Game of Thrones sleepover in honor of my 30th birthday. We watched a Game of Thrones marathon and ate giant chicken legs with our hands. Some guests even went as far as to eat rice and beans with their hands. (Dedication!)  Here's a picture of me with a giant turkey leg: 

GOT Party

Best New Tradition

A good friend of mine grew up in Germany, where they celebrate Advent on Sundays in the holiday season.  It's a time to gather with family and friends and just sit around and RELAX. What a great idea for a party! No hectic socializing or rushing around, just vegging out on the couch drinking Gluhwein from a boot-shaped mug. Gluhwein is basically mulled wine (everyone's recipe is different and it's a source of hot debate as to which is the best!) The stuff is addictive and packs a punch. 


Whoo! Well I think those were the high points of my holiday season. Now, on to bigger and better things in 2014!!!

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