Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Make this immediately

If you are anything like me, you subscribe to about 8 million daily e-mails showing you amazing recipes and foods to make.  Um, thanks Saveur magazine, but I wasn't really planning on whipping up Osso Buco on Tuesday night. 

Recently, though, I received an e-mail with a recipe I decided to make purely because I had all of the ingredients in my house already. I mean, how often does that actually happen? 

Here's the link to the recipe, which is from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine.  There is also an accompanying instructional video, which I found extremely irritating. Consider yourself warned. 

At first, I thought adding in the cilantro with the parsley and spinach was a really bizarre combination, but it was amazing! It definitely brightened up the dish, and detracted from the parsley. I usually hate the flavor of parsley, but it wasn't so offensive here. 

I was bad at reading directions and dumped in all of the pasta water instead of adding it little by little.  My sauce was a little watery, but I didn't mind. Anyway, consider this your public service announcement to make this pasta for dinner tonight.  Don't forget the walnuts. 


The brussels sprouts and bacon don't really go with this meal, but I need a little bit of bacon every day, don't you? (Same goes for the vino, obviously)

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