Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Even the best fall down sometimes

White wine and simple syrup look almost identical, for the record.  

Unfortunately, I keep a mason jar of each in my fridge and don't label them.  The jar of wine is pretty gross actually -- I dump the end of every bottle of white wine into a jar and use it for cooking. I also have a red jar. I like to think of them as the house blend. 

Anyway, I was quite confused when I went to deglaze the bacon fat in my pan tonight when making this recipe. Deglaze? More like RE-GLAZE! Ok, that's a lame cook joke that probably no one gets. 

(Side note: I know that the recipe doesn't even call for wine. I find that Cooking Light recipes are exceptionally delicious if you add extra butter, wine, and bacon to all of them. I realize this kind of defeats the purpose, but I live in a world of denial and self-deceit.  Get over it.)

Fortunately, no bacon was harmed in this simple syrup snafus, so everything turned out ok.  If anything, the recipe improved because we had TWICE AS MANY BACON BITS once we re-made the veggies. I did have to dump a buttload of sugary onions in the trash, though. Even i couldn't think of a way to make a tasty treat out of those. 

It's been awhile since i've done something truly idiotic in the kitchen, so I thought I'd share! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. 


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