Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When life gives you bananas...

No but seriously, I'm not kidding. I have an absurd number of black bananas. I also froze six before I took this photo (banana smoothie whaaaat)

I'm so sick of banana bread. See, I like to eat very brown bananas. The trouble is, my window of opportunity before they're completely black is very small. Thus, I end up with this.

Usually, I make banana bread, but one woman can only take so much. Today, I tried a new recipe for banana coffee cake with chocolate walnut streusel.

I tried a corner straight out of the oven, and it was pretty incredible. The cake has a gooey layer of chocolate in the center and it was still molten.

Here's a link to the recipe if you too have piles of rotten bananas sitting on your counter.  Super banana cake! 

Confession: I did not write this post, but rather dictated the entire thing to my iPhone. I think I have reached a new peak of laziness. In other news, after months of awkward typos, my iPhone can finally understand everything I am saying. Victory!


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