Monday, August 27, 2012

The Big Easy, pt 1.

Oh my goodness, New Orleans. Every time I leave, I feel like I've been hit by a bus full of oysters, bloody marys, and heavy cream.  I was lucky enough to spend a few days there this weekend catching up with my awesome friends!  Am I the only one that feels like friend reunions revolve around a steady rotation of eating crazy amounts of food, drinking crazy amounts of booze, showering/getting dressed, and sleeping a teeny tiny amount? I need a vacation from my vacation to catch up on sleep! 

Here are just a few of the high points:

I got to hold this baby alligator! If you have never held a baby alligator (who has, really?), I will have you know that it is smooth and cold, not scaly and dry.  Weird, right?  I love this adorable baby alligator. A few hours later, when I was back in the city, that I guiltily realized that I was chowing down on his auntie about halfway through an order of alligator nuggets.

Whoops.  Alligator really does taste like chicken. I kid you not.  We ate these at  Cochon, a restaurant I've been itching to try for a couple of years. It did not disappoint. 


My weekend was full of plenty of these:

I have no idea why I associate Bloody Marys with New Orleans. The best part about the Bloodies there is that it seems to be a contest as to who can put the most garnish in the cocktail. It's basally a meal and a beverage all in one. I feel pretty good about myself knowing that I'm getting, like, five servings of vegetables with every glass. And two servings of vodka. And probably six servings of hot sauce.  


Another staple of a good New Orleans trip (in my head, at least) is grilled oysters.

These were from Superior Seafood. I hate eating raw oysters because it feels like you're eating a booger (NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW), but if you cook them up and drown them in butter and parmesan, I'm in heaven. It's probably a faux pas to drink cheesy butter from an oyster shell, right? Oh well. 

One fantastic thing that I didn't get any pictures of was our lunch at Commander's Palace. It was on the fancier side, so I didn't want to whip out my iPhone and snap photos.  The gumbo, sautéed drum, and banana soufflé were all delicious, but what really blew my mine were the 25 cent martinis. Seriously? That's a pretty ridiculous bargain, considering my dining companion ordered hers with six olives. I mean, that's at least forty cents worth of olives!!!

One unfantastic thing about New Orleans is the tap water. Boy, is it gross. It tastes like a swamp.  Anyhow, this is just a small sampling of the delicious fare that I indulged in this weekend -- stay tuned because there's more to come!


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