Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dirty Thirty

Omg my roommate turned thirty!

I can't believe how old I am! It certainly doesn't feel like I'm 28. I mean, I earn the same hourly rate as my high school job playing the music for ballet classes (luckily, I work ten times as many hours… or else I'd be screwed!). I still forget to do adult things (like getting my oil changed and making dentist appointments) on a regular basis.  I eat cookies for breakfast at least four days a week.


The one good thing about turning thirty is the incredible array of party supplies available for the occasion.  I went a little bonkers at party city.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Get it? 30 sucks…  Like, sucks…like, lollipops? Ha. Ha. Ha.


Our little party coincided with St. Paddy's Day (holla to my fellow Irish brethren!) so I made chocolate stout cupcakes. It's a weird combo, but it's super delicious and rich.


I finished them with peanut butter cream cheese frosting, as pb and chocolate is a favorite combination of the birthday boy. Or should I say… birthday man? I wouldn't normally choose that frosting for the stout cake (I like to do a Bailey's buttercream and really go for the gold), but it was tasty.  Beer and peanut butter. A combination only a mature adult palate could love.



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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG!!! I'm sure Doug reads the blog and the blogs comments and will respond to this missive.