Sunday, October 30, 2011

Top five sugarbomb google searches for October

One of my favorite parts of having a blog is checking out the stats, specifically how people find me and where those people are coming from. The best part is that blogger compiles all of the web searches that lead people to your site.

Here are my favorite ones from October…

"I love Lucy skit cake decorating conveyor belt"
Dude, get it right. It wasn't cake decorating. It was chocolate bonbons. Geez. No wonder your google search is leading you astray.

"bowling alley yssingeaux"
First of all, why on earth would anyone be searching for the Yssingeaux bowling alley online?  (Excuse me -- the Yssingeaux bowling alley/restaurant/nightclub/karaoke bar.) I mean, the place let me DJ and my 19 year old roommate bartend one night.  The nightlife pinnacle of South Central France, clearly. Although I guess since I was technically an employee of said bowling alley for one portion of one night, I'm probably a credible authority on this topic.

"fondant dogs"
Um. What?  A word of advice… using/eating/making fondant dogs in any context is incredibly creepy.

"dr seuss birthday cakes"
This one is pretty legit. I made my niece a birthday cake that definitely looked Dr. Seuss-ish. I hope the person who searched for this was inspired by my cake.

"boozy desserts"
AGAIN!? I must be the top hit for this google search, because it's on the list nearly every time I check. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I guess Booze + Dessert = a good time in anyone's book. I am happy to be the spokesperson for liquor soaked dessert lovers everywhere.

Here's to another month of people randomly stumbling upon my silly blog whilst in search of information that is actually helpful!!

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