Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five awesome things about my French kitchen

1. My hot pink mixer. Boom:


2. French eggs. The yolks are NEON ORANGE (not sure if you can see it from this photo).  The eggs are all small production -- no factory farming here. It's crazy to see what "natural" eggs look like in comparison to what we use in the US.



3. The ginormous chocolate tempering machine. At JWU, we'd spend hours tempering chocolate, getting it to the perfect temperature and consistency so that it would set up correctly.  Here, we have a giant churning hot tub of chocolate with a continuous stream of chocolate. The chocolate is always ready to work with, pleasantly splashing in the background as we work.  It's like Willy Wonka and I sort of want to stick my face under it.



4. Our tool kits. Since traveling with a suitcase full of knives is not advisable, the school is lending us toolkits for our 2 month stay. Uh, they're gigantic. I feel like an assassin! Every tool kit comes with a scale, a rolling pin, and other huge items. It puts my real knife kit to shame (but is far more unwieldy).



5. The view. I mean, seriously. I don't know if you can see out the window, but there's a big mountain there. We get a nice breeze as we're cooking. It's so incredibly scenic that it kind of feels like pastry camp, like after class we'll all go hop in a canoe or hike up the mountain. Also, in case you were worried, we have a very sophisticated fly electrocution system. I thought it was an air conditioner, but it's really a big glowing box mounted above the door that draws flies in and then fries them. Delish.



Those are a few snapshots from our first day. I'll post some pictures of the products we made later. My legs feel like I've just run a marathon! I will certainly sleep well tonight.


  1. This is awesome, Alice! I am so impressed. And jealous of your pink mixer!