Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snoozes and Food Trucks

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve taken a brief summer vacation from both school AND blogging.

Fear not, though, I’m back and I’m prepared to fill you in on everything you missed, which is…um…nothing. In a nutshell:

Job Interviews: 3
Job offers: 0
Student loan debt: 9 ba-ja-million dollars
Money spent purchasing other people’s baked goods: I don’t want to talk about it.

Other than that, life has not been too exciting… and by “not too exciting, I mean, “I’m in a constant battle with my heavy eyelids to stay away at my desk all day”.  Reason #170235 why the decision to gravitate away from an office career is a good one.  The upside (or maybe downside?) to working from home all day is that I now know the life history of every Real Housewife from sea to shining sea. Thanks, Bravo TV.

Let’s take a moment to talk about food trucks. In my previous life roaming the streets of NYC, food trucks were EVERYWHERE, selling everything from waffles to street meat to “big gay ice cream”.

Naturally, Charlotte is about three years behind the times. We finally caught on and they are spreading like wildfire!  Charlotte has not one, but TWO gourmet cupcake trucks.  We have at least three trucks that focus on selling tiny, trendy sandwiches made with locally raised meats who were hugged before their heads were chopped off. And, since this is the south, you can buy deep fried deviled eggs.

Every Thursday, all of these food trucks congregate into a vacant parking lot for some sort of food rally (thus eliminating the convenience factor and mobile allure of food trucks altogether). I managed to swing by last week and found the scene somewhat overwhelming.  It’s very sharks v. jets, what with the glaring NC heat radiating off the pavement and the cupcakiers glaring at each other from opposing sides of the parking lot.

It was all I could do to scarf down a pork belly slider and shell out fifteen bucks for a half dozen cupcakes.  Uh, yeah. Fifteen bucks. But I got the sixth one free!

Seriously. I’m going to start selling cupcakes out of the back of my jetta.


Top, from left: vanilla, red velvet, carrot

Bottom, from left: chocolate, lemon, strawberry

I forgot my camera at the rally so I’ll have to go back to take some photos of the crazy scene… and to test out one of those deep fried deviled eggs.

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