Sunday, May 1, 2011

Practice makes perfect

Actually, that might be the overstatement of the century. “Practice makes slightly less horrendous” is probably more accurate.

I’ve spent the vast majority of the weekend practicing various cake-making activities. Hopefully it paid off, or else all of the excess cake I ate will be for naught! Um, actually, I have over a full cake in the fridge right now. Please come over and eat some.

Let’s do some before and after pics for comparison, shall we?

Trying to make a circular cake:

photo   IMG_1703  

Marzipan Roses:



Writing in chocolate:

Ok, so I didn’t get a “before” shot here. It was far too horrifying.



So I’m not Buddy the Cake Boss or anything, but I’d say my skill level has gone from “appalling” to “almost passable”.  I’LL TAKE IT!

Now I must get my beauty sleep for the last four days of cakes class.


  1. The full cake of fridge bodes well for my arrival.

  2. I think the writing looks really good.