Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tool Time

Was anyone else a fan of Home Improvement growing up? I mean, JTT… right? I wonder where that guy is now…. not reading this blog, that’s for sure.

Anyway, we used power tools today to cocoa spray some parfait glaces. (Parfait glace is a individually sized frozen dessert – I made them before in my ice creams class).


Seriously, this is a power tool that people use to paint their decks. Whoever had the idea to fill it with chocolate and spray everything is brilliant (and probably somewhat deranged. I sincerely hope they didn’t use the same sprayer with which they painted the deck).

I love the bootleg cardboard box fort we had to set up to avoid spraying chocolate all over the joint.

The chef joked that we should use the cocoa spray to give me a spray tan. Not cool, chef. I know my skin is the same color as my chef’s coat. Not cool.  Pastiness aside, here is the final product of the cocoa spray. It looks sort of cool and velvet-y if you spray it on a frozen dessert. IMG_1218

Here’s a top view of my decoration.


That would be chocolate piped onto chocolate, filled with some chocolate glaze. Don’t mess with success.

Speaking of success and thing that are, um, not successful…. the inside of our parfaits were supposed to be a delightful cinnamon brandy flavor.

The problem is I always forget that cinnamon extract is less of a “delicate cinnamon toast” flavor and more of a “red hots on steroids” flavor. I didn’t think it was half bad, but most other people who tried it ended up weeping a little bit and crying “The burninnnnng"!” over and over again.  I take this as a sign that I knock my Thai takeout down from “five chili” spicy to “three chili” spicy.


Inside the parfait were two japonaise cookies (almond cookies coated in chocolate), some raspberry mirror glaze, and a chocolate ganache ball.

Whoever was served our parfaits in the dining room yesterday had a rude awakening. And very clear sinuses.


  1. We have one of those sprayers that has not been used in years
    you can have it if you want
    and yes
    please save me one of those five chili cakes

  2. That looks so good and it is diet if it is spicy Helen