Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Digging out

Well, that's false. I haven't done any actual digging. Actually, I haven't left my apartment or changed out of pajamas (though I did, in fact, change pajamas twice a day) since Sunday night. It's now Tuesday morning.
We finally have school today, with a two hour delay (starting at 9). Let me tell you, I could get used to this! It's actually light outside!
Frankly, I have no idea what's going on today at school. When your classes are only 9 days, missing two of them is pretty drastic. I think we are just picking up where we left off, but based on an e-mail exchange with my chef, we may or may not have a final exam and a practical exam today. Who knows??? It's like culinary roulette.
I wanted to share some photos of foccacia that we made the other day. Foccacia is delicious because you essentially bake it in a big puddle of olive oil, providing a delicious, crispy exterior. We also pummeled ours with cheese.

Mama mia!

I will say that the dough for this is pretty difficult to work with. It's VERY sticky and doesn't shape well. But, boy, it's delicious. I managed to stuff my face with a piece of foccacia after my bagel binge, which was no easy feat. I felt very guilty sitting in my Nutrition class afterwards, but the girl across the aisle from me was eating a pop-tart during class, which was probably more offensive.

Our foccacia, right out of the oven. The tomatoes sunk and looked like
little land mines, but apparently that's "the look".


  1. When do you do Irish Soda Bread (you know your roots?)
    What about Stollen (another part of your roots - I am still eating the one from Christmas)

  2. Oh man... apologies for using the word "delicious" 8 million times in this post.

    Also -- I think we make stollen in my next class.