Monday, November 29, 2010

Back from the depths (of the couch)

I know, I know. I promised I would post over break and I totally didn't. I'm THE WORST! I know that my sister, for one, was diligently checking her i-phone whilst turkey trotting to hear about my latest escapades.

Don't worry, I can fill you in on everything that happened to me in the past week:
  • I turned 27. (YIKES!)
  • I chipped off all of the dried chocolate from my calculator.
  • I de-stained a chef's coat that was covered with a strawberry sauce in a patter that looked suspiciously like blood spatter (or maybe I've been watching too much Dexter).
  • I watched a whole lot of Dexter.
  • I took out the safety pins that were "hemming" my chef's pants and actually hemmed them. Ok, that's a lie. I just put new safety pins in. So sue me.
  • I had my kitchen officially inspected by the USDA and can now bake in it for REALS (and by for reals, I mean for money)! I hung up my food safety manager certificate on the refrigerator. NERD ALERT.
  • I watched as two gruesome burn scars that I obtained in school faded into normal skin tone... and was sort of sad to see them go.
  • I remedied this situation (with the help of my parents):

Tomorrow it's back to school. I have two new classes: Chocolates and Confections (as my lab) and a Nutrition class twice a week all term. As much as I enjoyed sleeping later than six am for the past few weeks, I'm definitely ready to get back into the kitchen!

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