Monday, October 18, 2010

Two jobs I don't want

The best part about school is that you get to try a little bit of everything. I'm good at most of it, really good at some of it, and positively horrendous at the rest of it (ahem, sadcakes). Today, I crossed off two things from my "Minimum Wage Dream Job" list:

1. Sculpting tiny fruits for any reason. I spent four hours shaping, dying, and decorating these marzipan fruits:

I don't know why that picture is sideways but hopefully you can live with it. I can't help feeling like I was at a disadvantage because I was not allowed to play with Play-Doh as a child (THANKS MOM. Kidding.) I think my kiwis turned out pretty boss, though.

2. Making petit fours. I've always thought that petit fours tasted kind of gross, and now that I've made them, I'm convinced that they are, in fact, gross... as well as absurdly labor intensive. If I ever sell these in a bakery, they will be $9 a pop and will probably contain my blood, sweat, and/or tears buried somewhere underneath all that fondant. I've said it once and I'll say it again: fondant is disgusting. Those of you who love wedding cake... I don't understand your taste buds; they must be broken.

Here is a photo of my petit fours. This is a 1-inch square. Get a ruler so you can see how small it is. I'm glad you couldn't hear the expletives pouring out of my mouth as I tried to pipe semi-beautiful chocolate swirlies on the top of these things.

Other than that, today was ok. At first, I thought I was allergic to fondant because as soon as we started coating our petit fours, I started sneezing and my eyes started watering. By the time I left class, one of my eyes was super swollen and I felt like I had swallowed a golf ball (I know. It's graphic. I'm sure you all want to eat my cakes now). I'm thinking this is probably a cold and not a frosting allergy, so let's hope that a 9:30 pm bedtime and some OJ do the trick.

On that note, it's bedtime. Tomorrow is day 1 of our 2 day practical, so wish me luck!


  1. you mean those aren't avocados? huh. noted.

  2. is it too late to post about this? Aunt Jeanne wants marzipan AND petit fours.