Monday, September 13, 2010

Short and Sweet

Just like my cupcakes:
I know they are shaped like hockey pucks, but the goal of the mini-cakes was to practice our frosting piping, so we just cut the cupcakes out of a big sheetcake. I'll also have you know that I chopped the carrots for that cake into tiny cubes (brunoise) instead of grating them.
Today was really satisfying for a few reasons:
1. I didn't mess anything up or injure myself in any way.
2. We actually finished a lot of things -- some days we work on a bunch of products but don't actually complete anything.
3. My group made a KILLER creme anglaise.
Sidenote: Creme anglaise, which is used as a dessert sauce and also as the base for some fancy ice cream (that's what we're doing with it tomorrow), is something I might avoid now that I've made it. Our teeny pot contained a dozen egg yolks. A DOZEN. But it's very tasty.
So back to the aforementioned carrot cakes. As you can imagine, we had a boatload of carrot cakes. We put them in pretty papers, stacked them on sheet pans, and handed them out to the other labs like little cake fairies. Naturally, the first cake stop was the nurse's office (it pays to have friends in high places). Someone from my class came back with a gigantic pot of cream of mushroom soup -- apparently it's an old school barter system here! I love it.
Now I must run. We have a test tomorrow and I need to memorize seven varieties of butter and six different things one can turn into syrup.


  1. Can't you turn anything into syrup if you heat it enough and put some starch into it...I'm thinking mash potato syrup you could start a thanksgiving revolution

  2. omg those mini carrot cakes look amazing!!! which doubles the sadness for you not being at book club tomorrow :( -- no alice and no alice's baked goods! i will be thinking of you and carrot cake and peeta -- all will be there in spirit! xo

  3. Rach, you will have to let me know when the next book club is. Maybe I will send some treats. Also, I've been wanting to make your pumpkin blondies lately!