Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Between school, work, and trying to be a normal person (and good friend/daughter/girlfriend), I've been a feeling little, um, pressed for time lately. To prevent myself from going bananas, I've been working on multitasking. Here is a list of successful (yay!) and unsuccessful (nay!) combinations for me.

  • Exercising while studying. Normally, I hate the elliptical, but how else can I work out, study types of pie crust, AND watch Cash Cab? I've also gotten into studying while walking, but given my history of getting hit by cars (ok, ok, one car), I'm trying to cut this one out.
  • Eating while walking (to class, to the coffee shop for work, etc). The obvious exception to this was when I spilled my coffee all over my chef coat while driving to school (disguising this required some really crafty apron-tying). Every breakfast and lunch I have is now in motion.
  • Cooking in bulk. I find that if I don't make a ton of food on the weekend and put it in individually sized containers, I will survive off of pretzels, Starbucks, and whatever junk I have to eat at school, which is a bad idea.
  • Making coffee while sleeping. I still love you, programmable coffee maker.


  • Attempting to do anything else while ironing. Wrinkles are my nemeses. Accidentally ironing my hand... also unsavory.
  • Engaging in talking, eating, or heavy thinking while driving. This morning, I tried to broaden my horizons by listening to NPR on my way to work. Um, yeah. Snooze fest -- waaay too soothing. I almost ended up in the bushes. I guess it's back to Jason DeRulo as the soundtrack to my commute.
  • Working while hanging out or eating dinner. This is just lame and makes everyone hate me. Laptops are not designed to fit in handbags for a reason.

This blog needs more photos. I promise AT LEAST one for tomorrow.

Side Note:

I am running (walking? wogging?) a 5K this weekend to support breast cancer research. I know it's annoying to ask for donations on the blog... but I figure most people who read this are related to me. No pressure to donate, but if you're feeling flush, I'd be thrilled with a $5 donation ($1 for each K that I'm running!)

You can donate here: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?px=17751599&pg=personal&fr_id=28174&fl=en_US&et=nVB7VBUp9sUAUlSSvh5K5A..&s_tafId=542481

For healthy boobs everywhere!


  1. so if ironing your hand is unsavory, does that make it sweet?

    also: i listened to jason derulo "ridin' solo" about 15 times one day after my, uh, youtube got stuck. yeah, that's it. stuck.

    [solo. solo.]