Wednesday, September 15, 2010

End of the rope.

Boy. My double life is really catching up with me. Between work and school I feel like a zombie, so this post will be quick. I'll give a full recap tomorrow, since I have no class on Friday.

Wish me luck from 7am-11 am tomorrow because it's the first day of my two day practical. I was not a science person so to me "practical" means a "wear sensible shoes and carry an umbrella". Culinary school practicals are something like this:
  • Re-make everything you've made in the past two weeks.
  • Work alone, unlike normal class where we do everything in groups of four.
  • No talking
  • Chef grades everything you make.

We have four hours to complete a list of products. We have 24 people and six burners. Each person needs to use a burner for 3 products. The math on that makes me think I'll be throwing some elbows...

I will let you know how it goes!


  1. Good luck. I am sure you will do great. We'll be thinking of you. At least you do not have to eat papaya. MOM

  2. That was mom not me - need to give her the ability to communicate directly
    Good luck and remember sometimes a hip check works better than elbows